King of Senses

Welcome to King of Senses. A small compendium of beautiful things that will make your taste buds clap, your eyes tear with emotion and your ears surrender to beats from all over the world. Wine, food, photography, music, design, advertising, beauty and happiness. Enjoy!

Beauty from the Dark Side: Diana Dihaze

Good and Evil. Light and Darkness. Angels and Daemons. Topics that have been explored and combined by artists from all disciplines along the centuries. In this case, one merges into the other into one interesting composition thanks to the seamless manipulation of this talented Ukranian Photographer. Death and beauty seem to converge in this vampiresque imagery that is bountiful in visuals and generous with delicate details, where the erotic embraces the morbid and vice versa. Reminiscent of Gothic Novel and Victorian imagery, this images awake the voyeur that we all carry within. For your tonight’s nightmares (or wet dreams?): The photography of Diana Dihaze.


Ottawa Diva: Mélissa Laveaux

I confess. I have a soft spot for female voices. Especially when their voice seems to come from some deep core or nucleus of energy. I’m sure your ears have perceived this from the likes of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone or Big Mamma Thornton, but I get them all together when I listen to Mélissa Laveaux. Born in Montréal from Haitian background, raised in Ottawa in an anglophone environment, her music is a collage of soulful rhythms, mixed with folk, blues, pop and root melodies. From covering pop star Beyoncé to singing Haitian lullabies, her soothing and raspy voice crowns beautifully a very impassioned songwriting that just make my ears happy. For your beautiful senses: La voix de Mélissa Laveaux.

The Modern Illusionist and his Box: Bradley G Munkowitz

Project-mapping taken to extreme levels of planning, technical expertise, robots interacting with humans and -ultimately- pure and simple beauty. All of this can be found in this experience created initially as a Technology Demo happily turned into this work of art where many disciplines converge so gracefully and elegantly. Minimalistic graphic design mixed with a delicate choreography of man and machine. 
The mastering of optical illusions to create ephemeral spaces and their acrobatics combined with a Film Noir style in five acts: Transformation, Levitation, Intersection, Teleportation and Escape, just left me speechless. 
For your 21st Century brain: Box by Bradley Munkowitz for Bot & Dolly.

Life Illustrated - Jean François Martin

I find illustration a very complex art. Drawing in a way that can be compelling and provocative is a task very few know how to accomplish. And from those few, only a handful can transmit emotions and ideas. I found this french Illustrator who has been working for newspapers and editorials and who I find dramatically powerful yet very simple, witty and with humor. He has also collaborated with the design studio 2 Œufs Bacon P’tites Patates, for corporate branding and illustration for book covers. He also conceptualized and art directed a short animated film for Canal+ in France, entitled “L’inventeur" or "The Inventor" which will catch you smiling alone in front of your screen. For your crayon colored eyes: Jean François Martin.


Creating ephemeral moments: The Collage Art of Alexandra Ethell

I love collage artists. Recently I came across this artist from Melbourne who creates quirky and dreamy collages, freezing impossible moments with so much beauty and elegance. She says that she is a self diagnosed insomniac who started creating these “moments”. I assume she is just dreaming while awake while craftfully sharing those dreams with the world. Let’s just hope that the insomnia continues. Also, her art is available at very affordable prices (get the link below). For your subconscious mind: the art of Alexandra Ethel.